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Workshop page

I will post recent projects and reminders of mediums and techniques used along with ideas and thoughts about our progress.

The first few weeks

The early workshops have been focused on loosening up our application and process as well as trying out a few different mediums and combinations. We have also started to think about our compositions as well as noting the importance of the scale of the marks we make.

I will post examples of artist's work over the weeks, these are chosen randomly and represent a reminder of the project, mediums used and techniques.

Oil pastel and turpentine

We started by loosely sketching out a composition and then adding colour using oil pastels.


Using turpentine we moved the pastel around to spread the colour.


This process helps to shift the focus around the construction of an artwork towards the expressive nature of the marks and away from thinking too much about the exact representation of the objects in an over-articulated way.

Using tempera paint

We started by sketching out a composition and then painted with tempera. The paint has been ready mixed and leaves a brush mark texture.


(We have also used tempera paint as underpainting before applying acrylic in later weeks)

After printing the artworks chalk and charcoal  was added to our artworks for highlights and shadows - adding depth and drama.


The medium itself generates an expressionistic mark.

Tempera is excellent for painting outdoors - quick and expressionistic mark making.

Tempera paint

Inks and bleach

We started by loosely sketching out the shell shapes in pencil then used the inks to add colour and texture as well as the wax which creates a texture as it resists the ink.

We then used bleach to remove some of the colour and add extra depth.

Although not specifically landscape painting we can see how the mark making will carry over. Over the next few weeks we will use inks for landscape artworks.

Tempera paint printout - adding chalk and charcoal

Acrylic painting

We started with a yellow wash, then under painted using tempera. We then used thick acrylic with brushes and palette knives 

I then photographed each artwork and found smaller compositions in each artwork.

This makes the brushwork larger within the smaller space as well as allowing us to see the value in bolder mark making.

Large acrylic paintings

New compositions taken from larger painting

Artists we have looked at or discussed over the weeks


Here are a few useful links to their work:

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Painting the local landscape

Philip Hughes

Richard Diebenkorn

Peter Iden

Hester Berry

Frank Auerbach

Sandy Ostrau

Peter Iden

Hester Berry

Frank Auerbach

Lynne Strover

Peter Iden

Hester Berry

Frank Auerbach

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