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We are going to park the Quotidian text project now until we get back in the studio where we can bring everything together as a project and prepare a large artwork from ideas and development work. 


This week we have an exercise around aspects of the urban or built environment which will start with an exercise around perspective. There will be a few parts to this across the next few weeks that will consider the mechanics of 1, 2 and 3 point perspective as well as consider a few different ways to engage with built objects and their spaces.


I have found these 2 tutorials which I think work really well in explaining the fundamentals of using perspective. You may well have a good idea about this already but an exercise in perspective is a good reminder - it is something that ends up in the back of your mind as you are working and generally using good observation and lining up with your pencil to establish angles.

First watching the BLUE tutorial below please and produce a page of perspective drawings - this exercise is about really testing yourself, considering the importance of the horizon line and the vanishing points. It is also useful to understand the differences between 1 point and 2 point perspective - you could add annotations to your boards as reminders. Perhaps also add cast shadows to define structures.


Secondly watch the RED tutorial below this is the construction of a line of buildings that will reinforce the idea of building structures in 2 point perspective. Please also drawing buildings around and about you to help the process. Setting up a still life using rectangular objects around the house can also help with this - change your eye level in relation to the objects to test yourself.

Feel free to develop this as far as you like but the expectation for this week is that we are using line and blocking in of areas to create shadow. We will move onto surfaces, textures, compositions - what we might leave in and what we might want to leave out over the next few weeks.

Under normal circumstances I would say get out with your camera and take photographs to support this project - so for now do what you can on your daily walk/exercise. Look for drama in the angles.

When you get confident with the exercise - go for drama - telegraph poles and wires always help with this as well as a low point of view.

Any thoughts or questions please drop me a note - thanks Mike


I have put a Pinterest board together on my Brasspoint site called simply 'Buildings'. You will notice differences here in using 1 point and 2 point perspective.

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