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In fine art, a portrait can be a sculpture, a painting, a form of photography or any other representation of a person, in which the face is the main theme. Traditional easel-type portraits usually depict the sitter head-and-shoulders, half-length, or full-body. There are several varieties of portraits, including: the traditional portrait of an individual, a group portrait, or a self portrait. In most cases, the picture is specially composed in order to portray the character and unique attributes of the subject.

There are other more contemporary forms of portraiture. One artist that we have discussed in class (not all my have been in the discussion) is Marc Quinn. His most famous work is a series of SELF PORTRAITS that he made out of his own blood!! (Hwk research)

Vincent van Gogh / self portrait

Marc Quinn / title: Self



Seb Stones

Thomas Ruff / deadpan

 A German conceptual photographic artist whose subject matter is photography itself

David Hockney / portraits

R B Kitaj / paintings

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