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Although some of you will already have done a little perspective work this project will help reinforce your knowledge and will also help inform the next project. 


If you can watch (or YouTube clips) of the early Sci-Fi film Metropolis and a more recent Sci-Fi film (or YouTube clips) The Fifth Element. They are both really good references for this project - as well as others like Blade Runner - in parts of all these films you can see how the filmmakers have used perspective for strong visual effect.

Clip from The Fifth Element (1997)

In this clip from The Fifth Element notice where your eye line is in relation to the lines of the buildings that head off down the street (the dotted line I have added is the eye line). The ones above your eye line head downwards into the distance and the ones below your eye line head upwards towards the eye line. Actually this clip is called one point perspective because the buildings at the front are pretty much on a a horizontal and all the lines of perspective head to one vanishing point in the distance.

Now look at the 2 drawings below - these are 2 point perspective (because there are 2 vanishing points). I want you to watch this helpful video I have found - click the red box below - once you have watched it I want you to create your own futuristic floating block - using the video as reference for how to produce 2 point perspective.


  • Watch a few Sci-Fi video clips

  • Watch the video on 2 point perspective (click red box below)

  • Produce a drawing similar to the 2 pencil drawings below - make up your own structure.

  • Use pencil or paint for shading - you decide - imagine where the light source is coming from. Be brave with the drawing - add big square holes in objects, parts sticking out or receding etc - use the 2 drawings below as your reference - the video will show you the starting point of perspective 

  • Really go for it with a great structure - see how far you can take it!

  • As ever I am always happy to ask questions so please contact me if you want to.

Working as an illustrator you can see how important the value of perspective has been to my work over the years in these digital illustrations (below) for a magazine cover and editorial illustration.

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