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Oil painting progress

This page is a reminder of the process and techniques we try out during the workshops.

There are of course lots of ways to engage with different medium. In the workshops and on these pages I will be able to introduce to a few and of course they are often framed around my own working practice. 




Canvas, board, paper


Priming is there as a barrier to the canvas or board. It stops paper degrading or the paint soaking into the canvas. 


Canvas and board can generally be bought already primed.

Priming paper

Why prime paper? The reason I do it is to maintain a flow of activity. Adding Gesso primer to a series of sheets generates activity.


Having the imposing canvas sat in the corner for a couple of years is not a good way to progress. As I say, find your own ways, if you are happy to but board or canvas and use them then do that but for me primed paper does me I am happy to produce more work. This more casual engagement keeps work happening which is the most important thing I would say.

Surface wash (oil or acrylic)

I do this in order to remove the white surface of the painting, it make me feel as if the painting has already started, again you will find your own way of working - perhaps sometimes do it without and see what the difference feels like. Watch the Hester Berry YouTube video 2 - a much subtler, gentler wash.

I will post examples of artist's work over the weeks, these are chosen randomly and represent a reminder of the project, mediums used and techniques.

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