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The Searchers

'I know love, I know - can anybody take Eileen'? / 

Stage like a magistrates court / 

Prestwich Spiritualist Church / 

cold evening / 

five bar fire / 

tea and custard creams at the end, only a few stay / 

could have stayed in and watched Poldark / 

he has a good reputation / 

no one came through for us / 

I knew an Alice but still on this side not in the spirit world - no chance of putting hand up anyway / 

it's a comfort / 

kind people / 

a sadness in the air / 

a belief / a curiosity / 

hats, scarves, pleasantries / 

cold out / 

at least not raining 

/ drive back to auntie Lanes (Elaine's) / 

the fur / 

the old fashioned hat close to a fascinator / 

the drive / 

cold breath in the air /

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