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This will be an introduction to the research process.


Because Charleston is so local and has such social and cultural resonance in several different ways, it is a good place to start. Once open again we will also be able to visit.

I want you to research Charleston and find something out about the people, their lives, art/writing/theories approaches or situations that is of interesting. It is really important that you find your own interesting access point.

It might be in relation to Post-Impressionism and Roger Fry, or the writing of Virginia Woolf or Queer Theory or about Grace Higgens who was the cook-housekeeper or perhaps John Maynard Keynes the economist or other visitors to Charleston.


  • Find a point of interest.

  • Come ready for a discussion on Charleston next week - just 15 minutes in 2 groups.

  • Try to find your own entry point of interest. I don't expect you to know everything about Charleston it really is about finding something interesting to you, the range of people and visitors to Charleston will help with this.

  • Please write notes for yourself in preparation for a discussion. I would suggest getting a research notebook and/or using a digital app. I use both and my digital note taking software is Google Docs.

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