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Bible Black

Blackpool, Bible Black, walking streets, electric lines, the right side, the wrong side, the criss-crossing tram tracks, a twisted route to the fun fair, the rollercoaster, the ghost train of frightening memorials.


Not a formal learning, a truancy, wagging it, a walk from home to the wurlitzer in the morning sun and the warmth of memories of family visits to Blackpool.


With 10 pence to spend, a snack, a drink or a gamble on the arcade - of course, double your money.


The game, not complicated, smack the cue ball as hard as you can, scatter the coins out of the white drawn circle - snacks and drinks all afternoon…a little miscue!


In a split second with his back turned I quickly shove the pennies with the unchalked stick out of the circle.


He's got eyes in the back of his head - ‘clear off, get out of here’, I feel criminal - heart beats louder than the clatter of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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