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The work that is building from our Quotidian text is us hovering around an idea trying things out in different ways. Sometimes an exercise in technique and medium (drawing figures with sticks, baker brush and inks), sometimes using a particular artist to develop an approach - a transcription - looking at Beta Chrzanowska where we learn something of her approach and value particular conditions of artworks for example in this case valuing positive and negative spaces in equal ways. We could also say the work we did with Surrealism has relevant impact on how our project develops here.

All of this is developmental work - we are testing out approaches and we are testing out our content at the same time - looking over our text. So now we will consider this from a slightly different position:


I want us to look at the idea of perspectival space and/or relational space. Perspectival space is of course one that adheres to the conditions of perspective (classical Renaissance paintings etc). Relational space is closer to the Beta Chrzanowska artworks. The traditions of perspective (face, some body parts) do still conform to the rules of perspective, but other aspects don’t, it is the juxtaposition of elements within the canvas space that comes to the fore and there is often a flattening of space. The elements do not always conform to perspective or a view that we could really see in the world - more like fragments brought together - a montaged space.

The artist/s we are going to look at below is R.B.Kitaj. There are other artist below which I will reference over the next few days. (Please also research Kitaj in respect of his work and how it fed off his life). Sometimes the elements in his work are flat and sometimes there is perspective but the scenes are not necessarily in the same spatio-temporal dimension.

I want us to consider the idea of foreground and background element as well here - Does your foreground contain a main focus? Why is something in the background, is it an aesthetic decision or a matter of the importance of content?

Please use other elements or related elements from your Quotidian Text. Remember you decide on how flexible to be in what you include in relation to the initial text - ideas develop as we go along you don't have to rigidly stick to initial ideas.

Any thoughts or questions please drop me a note.

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