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From Quotidian text


  • Produce Quotidian Text

    • Reason: to locate the reason for artistic production, as contemporary artists, in the context of our own (viewing) position of the world (also known as phenomenology).

    • Now we have the initial text - which I would say, as the artist you can always amend, we need to plug this into visual art, if not already. So by finding elements in the text to convert the paint becomes etc

    • We have produced surreal elements - similar etc, visual plane

    • We have drawn with sticks and baker brushes - this is us experimenting with medium

    • We have looked at Beata and considered the space etc. Flattening out etc

    • we look at a few artists who use the elements on the canvas space for their relational qualities and values. By this I mean they are not producing a PERSPECTIVAL scene. SOme of the elements in the artwork will generally be perspectival. So for example in the Beata artworks the human figures are perspectival but the background spaces might or might not be to varying degrees.

this is not the origin of this project by the way, there isn't one it is born out of the multiplicity of experience, knowledge and feelings that form the content and context of the quotidian text.

Quotidian definition:

This project is a development of the Quotidian Texts that we all did at the end of the autumn term. Most did this as a written narrative, however you decided to produce the initial 'text' (text - used here in a generic way to describe any considered production) it will inform the project going forward.

I will be relatively prescriptive here in laying out requirements but only to direct the development of a project, down the line, later into this term and the next, these are all your decision.

So we will now start to build sketchbook work driven by the text as we develop this project. Please read through your Quotidian texts and annotations. We are not producing a final artwork yet but working towards it - I want us to think about the potential of including people in the artwork.

Are there people you could depict for this particular study from your text? Remember this is sketchbook work it is you thinking about potential approaches to medium, content, technique. The people you choose to depict for this study might not be the actual person - remember we are artists and there is fluidity in what we do - nobody needs to recognise your person or people, you may choose randomly or be specific.

As a reference, almost as a TRANSCRIPTION (see BLOG - what is a transcription) approach, I would like you to look at BEATA CHRZANOWSKA (ref below) - Why - I really like the way she considered space in a fragmented way. The faces, arms, handS etc are well articulated but they are considered within a designed construction. She has strongly considered and played with and disrupted the idea of perspectival space, depth, the positive and the negative in her consideration of the composition.

Our last project from the autumn term - ink, stick and baker brush - can also be included as sketchbook work for this part of the project - CLICK Ink and Stick project below to see your artwork.


  1. REREAD YOUR QUOTIDIAN TEXT AND ANNOTATIONS: Think about how you can bring something out of that to inform this project. (Please let me know if you don't have referencer of your quotidian text and annotations and I will get this to you).

  2. COMPOSITIONAL SKETCHES: It is important to produce a few compositional sketches, layouts of the potential artwork or study. This is an important part of any project and is a primary use of drawing.


  4. UPLOAD BEFORE OR ON THE MONDAY OF WEEK 2 (18 JANUARY) - Of course this is simply deadline to keep things moving, I will also post the next weeks project on the Monday.

  5. Look on the BLOG at Drawing Faces.

How to upload: take a photograph of your mindmap and also your first artwork. Upload them both to the SHARED GALLERY which is under 'More' in the top menu (you will need to have signed up and be a MEMBER before it lets you upload).

If you have problems with uploading please drop me a message - using the message in the bottom right of each page.

Beata Chrzanowska 1.jpg

Beata Chrzanowska 

Beata Chrzanowska 

Please note I have just started to load these on - everyone's drawings will be loaded during this first week.

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