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GCSE YR2 / 2021/22

These pages will support your progress through to the end of the GCSE course.

We have not been given a final hand in date as yet but it is usually around the middle of April.




The format of the end of the course will follow the structure of the last two years because of the impact of the pandemic. This means that there won't be an actual exam at the end of the course. Usually the marking is split between portfolio work (class work) 60% and the exam 40%. 

The exam element has now been removed and all 100% of the marks are for the portfolio.

From January to mid-April is normally dedicated to preparatory work for the exam - this is work that is taken into the exam and referenced during the exam. We will use this time in exactly the same way and a final artwork will be produced in class from the preparatory work.


The difference is that students will not actually sit their exam under exam conditions, as they produce the final artwork. And the work they produce will become part of their portfolio work and marked accordingly.

The reason we continue with the exam structure is because it generates the conditions that create a real end of course focus where lots of excellent work often happens. If students are thinking of taking their art and design studies further it will help them experience  the end of a course and preparation for presentation impacts on their development etc




During the last half of the autumn term will be a busy one. your time will be split between:

  1. preparing your mock and final artwork 

  2. Refining your portfolio work including:

    • finishing any artworks​

    • if you think a project can be added to or improved

    • annotating your work

    • building a digital portfolio [I will be showing you how to do this - I will also photograph all your work ready for this conversion to digital]

Click for your mock exam info:

Calendar COMP PRINT.jpg

The first week back after Christmas you will receive a set of project titles to choose from.

During this second half of the autumn term you will work towards completing your Mock Exam

Towards the middle of April will be deadline to hand in for all your work. An exact date TBA

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